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Truly Canadian Made

Truly Canadian Made

Truly Canadian Made is a Internet site which links many of places where you can find the finest arts and crafts made right here in Canada. Hundreds of shops and artists is offering through this gallery their crafts, handmade native art. This all is available without any extra exchange, duty or international shipping. You can easily buy thing even if you are outsider from any country in the world as artists gathered within Truly Canadian Made can ship internationally. (more…)

Bay of Spirits

Bay of Spirits

Bay of spirits it is online gallery of one of the most famous and prestigious galleries in Toronto.  You can find there a wide variety of First Nations Art. High level of work gathered in this gallery was recently confirmed by a National Gallery of Canada which has bought some paintings from one of the collection exhibited in the Bay of Spirits Gallery. B o S Gallery has got 19 years history in city of Toronto and it is specialized in contemporary art of First Nations. (more…)

Hills Native Art

Hills Native Art

…Indians made even tight wooden boxes for storing fish oil or cooking it on the hot stones. Craftsman cut thin walls of the timber, then warn them up over the steam and bent, giving them the shape of a quadrangle. Simple tools used by the Indians for the production of wood items were made of stone, bone and shells. Indian woman mainly dealt with weaving and spinning and In the winter they made warm blankets of soft cedar bast and mountain goats. (more…)

Canadian Indian Art –

Canadian Indian Art

This is an online gallery of Maike Marnet who began collecting Canadian Native Indian art. This is her passion for over 30 years. During that time she accumulated a large inventory of beautiful carvings. She wanted to share her love for Indian art with people around the world. She also wanted to promote local artist who thanks to this gallery have wider access to other people or artists.

The Spirits of the West Coast –

The Spirits of the West Coast

This is online gallery on Native American Art gallery located in Back Road, Courtenay. They specialize in many different native arts like Haida, Kwakiutl and Kwakwaka’wakw. You can find there many original items of Canadian native art such as jewelry made of gold and other precious metals which is famous of their beautiful design, masks made of red or yellow cedar which were used for ceremonial purposes. That is why masks very often represents spirits and other mystique creatures. (more…)

Bearclaw Gallery –

Bearclaw Gallery

Under this address you will find an online gallery of Barclaw Gallery which is one of the most famous the First Canadian Nations art. Gallery. It was founded in 1975 by Agnes Bugera. Gallery came a long way from a small crafts shop to the most respected Canadian First nations art Gallery They were since very beginning promoting the pioneers of the Woodlands School of Art with its artist Roy Thomas or Daphne Odjig or the Kakegamic family. (more…)

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